Wednesday, May 09, 2012


The last NBL championship series was held in Yogyakarta. I support the Satria Muda team yesterday, and supporters called FANatics. I have becomeFANatics for 2 years. before I became a Pelita Jaya team supporters. before switch from my Satria Muda FANatics was Pelita Jaya Holic be down for not to support any. Yup, me focus to college, because busyness is really solid. And now why I could go back into supporting the basketball team? not because I no longer work, but rather busy college I began to decrease due to (hopefully) this year I will be graduation :)

I've loved basketball, more precisely from junior high school. Although i were very old like basketball, for an easy lay-up that I just could not. May be doomed just as trully supporters HEHEHEHEEE. Although for some reason can only cheer for the players who were playing I've had pride.

and here are some photos of me with them :))))))
Gunawan #31, Me, William #8

Me with Arki #33

Me with Vamiga #24

Me with Galank #66

Me with kak Asun #23

Capt. Faisal #5 with Me
Bona #14 with Me

Bang Dodo #15 with Me
yaiy I'm proud to be FANatics

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

i need to share

Almost 1 year I am not blogging, right? aaaaaiii miss this blog. Too many activities and tasks that require me to quickly solved. because this year I plan to get the graduation, pray for me pleaseeee :)

a lotta things I wanna share to you guys, but bcause I did not write too long, let me think first.

What do you think I need to share?

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I actually have an exam tomorrow, but somehow I wanted to write on the blogTomorrow is my second week of the exam -->
THT(stage 2) Forensic(stage 1) odontology pharmacy anesthesiology(stage 1)
Earlier in the first week had to face with -->
THT(stage 1) - obstetrics and gynecology 'obsgyn' (stage 1) - surgical
pray for me, good luck to all the exams this time o:)

Take Me Back, Please!

As a student who go abroad, must have occurred to the mind "Let me go home" (like a song). Well that's how I feel right now. Student 3rd grade in medical faculty that has rarely heard the word "holiday" since the early college entrance, and therefore go home only once a year. different from my friends who like to commute hometown. But quite lucky also on the other hand there is also my friend just 1 time whose back for 3 years of college.
Yeaah I'm missing my parents, my brothers, my grandparents, special food, my room, serenity, and much more. Just my luck here can be fairly independent, because from childhood accustomed to not spoiled. and indeed my soul I love adventurous and try new things. I was a student classified as a hobby calling parents especially to be visited here. (what a pity me T___T). so I really miss them, miss them soooooo badly :((

me and happy fam :) ayahandaraja, pangeran kecil, ibundaratu, tuan besar

Well, this is a place where I like it a lot but sometimes I really hate it. Yups, when I was on a plane to my hometown, I really can not wait to set foot in that place. But when I have to go back to current city, how lazy to be in place. and almost always back each time I buy a ticket  to Surabaya first flight of the day when I have morning classes.

Sepinggan International Airport


Already almost a year do not post on this blog. Too many reasons why I have not been re-post. Yeeesss started from lazy and confused what to posted. Too many social networks that I have, so I am sooo confused about where account i must focus, because my college schedule is pretty solid. Well at last accounts the most active social network that I choose is twitter, where I easily access it via mobile phones. then I have facebook, my space, Formspring, plurk, and by the way how are my friendster? yeah i have tumblr acc too :p
There are also ym, msn, skype. Well fair amount of time I do not use skype hehehe. never mind it did not have to be discussed further, if you want to be friends with me you can click :)

Forget it! And now I’m back! I’M BACK! YES I’M BACK!!!!! Already don’t have many words, let’s jazz up this site. Hopefully I remain consistent in this blog.
Enjoy my blog:)

dita :)